• ORT efforts are focused on the reintegration of refugees in postconflict societies and in revitalizing civil society.
  • ORT International Cooperation programs are expanding in response to the rapidly changing African environment.
  • Numerous programs are implemented to improve living conditions and meet basic needs of the poorest communities.
  • In response to the 2004 tsunami, ORT designed and delivered educational, training and livelihood.
  • World ORT strives to meet the training and
education needs of students from every corner of the world.
2015 ORT Toronto Gala - Homepage small
The theme of the evening was "Unfinished Business of the 20th Centrury".

Paul E. Bain, partner at Dickinson Wright LLP, was honoured for his work protecting artists' rights.

YOUniversity Student Sagiv Lugasi - homepage00
Sagiv's Skyball app contains five different ball games.

YOUniversity at Nahariya is managed by World ORT Kadima Mada.
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